BLOSSOM BONANZA – Spring most rampant

The upland bluebells are still in full vigorous bloom, as here at Gallan Eile between woodland and mountain


Cloud covers the gradually greening Stoompa mountain and Horses Glen … across Mangerton commonage. In the evening late Spring light the green field in the wood glade sparkles

Now nature is at its most active.  Something new is in bloom every day.  And the clarity in the late morning and early evening further highlights this sense of being alive.

The bog cotton first showed its showy white head about a week ago.  In earlier times it was used to stuff pillows and mattresses and was renewed annually.

The Middle Lake, from Dundag to Devil’s Island, with a mountain backdrop of Mangerton, Torc, Crohane and the Paps
Torc mountain falls sheerly into the Middle Lake. It is showing the first of its greening, with the purple blotches of rhododendron blossom
The richness and intensity of the blossoms as big as footballs.  Is it any wonder 19th century plant collectors were so taken by it.  How could they realise how pervasive, even pernicious, it would become?
With its mountain backdrop south and west and wood surround north and east, the safe, gradually deepening, sandy beach at Dundag is the Killarney swimming place. Noah can’t wait to go back and swim there again!

– Frank Lewis

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