Ancient Oak Woodlands

Last Sunday (May 20, 2018) two hours in the exclosure in the ancient oak woodlands in Derrycunnihy.  Here the intention was to keep the deer out to allow the woodlands to regenerate.

This is the south eastern edge of the most extensive Oak Woodland in Ireland.  The 1,500 acres extends to the north west corner of Loch Lein.

Rotten Oak – I was able to stick my finger right into the oak trunk. Had the interior rotted from damp, had it been eaten or was it infected?
A huge ancient oak
Mosses, ferns, shrubs and even young trees growing on the branches of the oak
Another huge oak
The greening of the oak woodland was late this year
New leaf
Spurge – the milky sap is used for removing warts. It was also considered an effective purgative. As well it was put to use as a quick way to catch fish – it inflames their gills, so they come gasping to the surface and are easily caught.
Broken exclosure fence meant to keep the deer out
Ancient hawthorn covered in lichen
Why is this oak dancing?
There is a lot of evidence of deer in the exclosure. Here a whole grove of young hollies have been eaten by the deer
Irish Spurge
The area has a huge covering of mosses but most are best seen in the wintertime when they are at their richest. Here the moss is faded and burnt out
Some of the first Rhododendron Ponticum that will turn Killarney purple in the coming weeks



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