February 2018 – Nature Photo Album

The magnificence of the pre-famine landscape on the Old Kenmare Road – Torc mountain (right) and Cromaglan (left) – 4 February 2018
A ghost figure records the relics of human habitation on the landscape of man at Cores Cascade – 4 February 2018
Cores Cascade – 4 February 2018
Through Derricunnihy or Ullauns oak woodlands – 4 February 2018
Old stone bridge over Galway’s River, Derrycunnihy – 4 February 2018
Stagnant mountain puddle heaving with frog/s pumping out spawn on the dirt road to Faill a’ Crann – 10 February 2018
After spawning – or to start again – frog moves to clear water – 10 February 2018
Hazel catkins along the edge of the western meadow on the Muckross Peninsula on the Mucxkross & Dinis route – 18 February 2018
The hard black outline of the Colleen Bawn Rock – 18 February 2018

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