January 2018 – Nature Photo Album

Reflections of bare branches on still pool on Arthur Young trail – 7 January 2018
The Paps against a clear blue sky – 11 January 2018
A blinding light shows the way .. over commonage …. mountain panorama (from left) The Paps, Crohane, Bennaunmore (behind trees), Eskduff, Stoompa, Horses’ Glen, Mangerton .. the searing mid day sun says ‘this is the way’ – 11 January 2018
Through lichen covered branches of tall larch near Faill a’ Crann (on the western flank of Mangerton) looking down on Middle and Lower lakes – 14 January 2018
Middle & Lower Lakes and tiny Doolough in between … from Faill a’ Crann … even under leaden skies the panoarama take the breath away – 14 January 2018
No movement in the larch winter woodland – 14 January 2018
The grey green old man’s beard lichen stands out against the bulk of Torc Mountain – 14 January 2018
Torc in white water spate stands out agains the late evening black rock and vegetation – 21 January 2018

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